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I have been a Billy Joel fan since the 70's. I have gone to concerts in the past, and 2 years ago when he played at Shea Stadium (July 18th,) it was impossible to get tickets. I tried endlessly to get through on the phone, as well as on the internet. It meant so much to me, as it was one year to the date since having had a rare brain tumor removed. Prior to that, I would go to ticketmaster and wait on line and was able to purchase them without difficulty. For the Shea concert, tickets weren't available at ticketmaster box offices. I live on Long Island, and cant wait for another concert! How can I get tickets for the Albany concert on July 27th? Are they still available?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • MoniqueMonique Posts: 26
    Hi, Andrea. I checked online and there are tickets available, but they don't come cheap. I payed about the same price to see these guys play in Ottawa. If possible, try to avoid seats that are behind the stage. I'm sure in some cities this arrangement is fine, but in others... I'm not so sure.

    Here's a site you can check out:

    Good luck - I hope you have no problem getting the tickets!
  • vienna1314vienna1314 Posts: 3
    I am so excited to be going to his concert on July 27th! This will be my 5th Billy concert and the second time I have seen him play with Elton John! I got GREAT seats for this show and will be taking my younger brother (it will be his first Billy concert)! I am sure it will be a phenomenal show and I hope everyone has a great time!

    Billy Joel and Elton John July 27th!!!
  • I didn't try to go to Shea Stadium..... I don't like Stadium concerts, plus it's too far out.

    Any idea when he will perform in Mahattan in the future? I guess it would be next year. :(
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