How good are seats behind the stage at this show?

I'm working on getting seats to Tuesday Indy show. What is the quality of seats behind the stage? Are the pianos facing toward the center stage? Any big obstructions at the rear of stage. If you sat behind stage, did you have a view of a jumbo screen? Do the performers acknowledge or "play to" people behind the stage much? Any other advice? Thanks.


  • chelleraychelleray Posts: 1
    I had seats behind the stage at the show in Nashville 5/16 and they were great seats! The piano's face each other and it was like having a view from over them. They made great effort to acknowledge the fans there too.
  • fink416fink416 Posts: 3
    Yeah, at the concert in Houston, Billy even turned to the people sitting behind the stage and said "Those seats aren't as bad as you thought they were going to be, are they?" Which was returned by lots of cheers of course. Then he turned to the people sitting on the sides and said "We're piano players, so we sit sideways. Really, it's you guys on the sides that are getting screwed. *pause* Or I guess not really getting screwed just so much as getting a lot of head."

    We didn't sit behind the stage (we were actually on the side, hahaha), but it looked to me that other than some wiring and netting, not much was in the way. However, I have heard complaints about not getting a good view of Billy and Elton because the band stands on risers, which can obstruct your view depending on how high up you are sitting.
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