Dear mr. Joel

stakan555stakan555 Posts: 2
edited 11/13/09 in Midwest
I am very angry for the way you ordered the events in your song "we didnt start the fire". they are not in chronological order. This makes me mad. Please fix it.


  • SusanSusan Posts: 2
    Are you trying to start a fire? You might as well relax...Billy has it all right.
  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    Like that is going to happen!


    "It's about joy that comes out of sorrow"
  • Thank you Mr. Joel
    I attended your concert in Indianapolis Indiana yesterday. I initially was a little blue because I was attending the concert by myself. I was very surprised when a representative presented me with an upgraded ticket to a seat two rows away from the stage, compliments of you. Thank you. After I sat down, an older couple sat next to me, the gentlemen actually had a cane and they to had been awarded upgraded seats. There original seat was in an upper level behind the stage, so we were all gratiful for your kindness. The concert was wonderful. I've never been so close at a concert, I was able to rest my arms on the stage and actually shake hands with Elton John. Thank you for bringing joy into my life yesterday, and reminding me everything works out in the end.

    Kimberly Martin
  • i love billy joel. anyone else? whats your favorite song of his? i like scenes from an italian restaurant, only the good die young and baby grand!.

    Acai Force Max
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