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Hi Billy-
I really hope that you actually read this, however, either way, here is the background on my request. I'm a nurse, who works at The Nebraska Medical Center (in Omaha, NE), my unit specializes peripheral stem cell transplants for leukemia and lymphoma patients. You have an awesome ability to write songs that people relate to. If it would be possible, it would be very special to have you write a song dealing with cancer, (similiar to what Rascal Flatts did in there hidden song attached to Oklahoma-Texas Line). I realize that you are already associated with your own charities and such, however, I have been such a big fan of yours from the time I have been knee high, I feel that if you were to release a song dealing with this, along with your powerful voice and your gift for lyrics and music it would bring attention to a medical subject matter that is making progress towards helping battle the disease of cancer. I appreciate your time and everything you do - I am a true fan and was so excited to finally get to see you live and in person in Omaha! But despite my fan status, my request is a true one - to please draw more attention to the peripheral stem cell usage which is different than the stem cell lines that draw so much national attention.
Thanks again-
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