River of dreams (Nothing new)

So why do most Billy Joel fans say River of dreams was nothing new when it came out. I disagree. I think it is an awesome rock album! I could not compare it with Storm front or any other Billy Joe, album. So why do people say ROD is nothing new???


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  • ryanwvryanwv Posts: 44
    River of Dreams is probably my favorite album, loved it since the day it came out, which i was probably about your age then. I thought it was amazing when i heard it the first time and have loved it ever since. I think some people were upset that he dumped producing it himself with his band and went with completely new musicians after the album was almost already finished. I also think it would be cool, to hear what the first version of those songs are like, maybe one day we will and maybe we will understand why he went with another producer or maybe we wont. but anyway like i said love it one of my fav's
  • Kev,

    who said it was nothing new?

    I recall buying the cassette when it first came out and WOW it sounded totally different from what was released from him prior

    now mind ya there was a pretty long gap between Storm Front And ROD so I think the fans at that time were revealed that we were getting something new from Billy

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    ROD is my favourite album. All About Soul is my favourite BJ track. It was another side of BJ that we had not met before. The lyrics are the best he ever wrote.
    So this BJ fan definitely has NEVER said it wasn't anything new. I rushed to the shops when it was released because it was different to anything he had done before.


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    Well, there was 1 person on here who said we stood by BJ when he came out with ROD (Nothing new)
    I also have had friends of mine who Like BJ tell me the same thing and I just don't get it!

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  • Well maybe ROD didn't appeal their standards of what a Billy Joel album should be? or B they are loyal to Billy Joel no matter what he releases (so that could be the nothing new comment cause after 14 albums it's nothing new to continue to be loyal to Billy?)

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