The Met Gala in NYC - Heckling Fan Causes Stir - Video

v5417, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday May 4, 2009. The Met Gala in NYC. Kanye West, Jessica Biel with Boyfriend Justin Timblerlake, Billy Joel with his wife and Madonna with her boy toy Jesus. Each of the artists were asked for their autographs by waiting fans but the only one to sign was Billy Joel. Justin Timberlake was heckled by a fan and his bodyguard stepped in and then the bodyguard was heckled by the same aggressive fan. Later, Kanye was heckled by the same fan but really tried to make light of the situation. However, his friend did not think the fan was funny. Madonna just strolled on by with Jesus.


  • J From JoelFanJ From JoelFan Posts: 32
    edited 11/30/99
    hmm I wonder if Kanye likes fishsticks?

    Billy is a good guy I mean he always makes time for fans and to a lesser extent the media.
  • ryanwvryanwv Posts: 44
    haha, the fish sticks thing was a joke on southpark, not even a good one lol. "hey kanye, do you like fish sticks? what are you a gay fish"
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