Nashville - Billy Joel & Elton John


Billy Joel & Elton John at Sommet Center
Monsters of Pop Piano
Jim Ridley

I’m not the guy you should listen to, as I’d trade the entire recorded output of, I dunno, Radiohead for the finger-snapping intro to “Stiletto” or the swoony steel-guitar swoop that greets the chorus of “Tiny Dancer.” But just as a rock hardly notices the barnacles that gather and fall away, these 10-finger titans have weathered disco, punk, New Wave, grunge, nü metal, emo and what-have-you with scarcely a nod, and they’re still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah. (Or more likely, sitting.) Songs trump fads, and long after the world’s last Now That’s What I Call Music! CD has oxidized in a landfill, a velour-suited piano man will strike up “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” or “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” in an airport lounge at the outskirts of oblivion, and you’ll be grateful. They’ll perform together, piano to piano, head to head, hit to hit, before separate band sets, and the chances of hearing something you know are about as certain as losing at Powerball. I’ll spare you the half-hour dissertation about how “Uptown Girl” is for real one of the all-time great pop singles. For now.-->
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