Billy Joel live @ Yankee staduim DVD

Hey everyone,
I went out and got BJ's DVD of him live at Yankee stadium. I believe it was in 1990 after the storm front album came out in 1989. I loved seeing the live footage but hated the set list! Most of all the songs he played were off the storm front album, and not like I hate that album it is one of my favorites but when an album just comes out I hate when the artist plays a lot of songs of the album.
2 or 3 would be fin but this was just over doing it.

It was good over all!

And I love that DVD's version of We didint start the fire. During the song Cristole just starts running all over hte stage with a wirless mic and singing !!!!

Billy was just having fun with the band going nuts behind him.

Lib was great on drums as always.

Great DVD!


What did you think???

The 12 year old Billy Joel Fan Kevrock


  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    I keep thinking about getting it, but have not got round to it yet. There is quite a bit of it on Youtube. I have 3 DVD's on my wish list, Yankee Stadium, Long Island and Tokyo Dome 2006. What shuold I go for first?


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  • KevrockKevrock Posts: 169
    I love Yankee stadium! But then again I am not crazy about 75% of the whole set being Storm front songs!
    But great show! Love it!
    The 12 year old Billy Joel fan


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  • ryanwvryanwv Posts: 44
    well i kinda agree with you, im sure there was a lot more played that wasnt put on the DVD but this came out when the album came out and he was promoting that album so it makes sense that he would play more of the new stuff, and come on he is never going to do storm front or thats not her style in concert ever again, so im glad its on there for us to have.
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