Contacting Billy?

I'm not sure if I can locate the right connection through this forum, but I'm sincerely trying to request Billy Joel's very brief (and remote) assistance in helping out a family friend in medical need. Recently diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer, this family friend is due for radical surgery/reconstruction THIS Friday (3/27). Due to additional complications (blood clot on lung and pneumonia), time is really of the essence.

While in the hosptial awaiting surgery, this father of two teenage girls struggles with pain. The hospital is trying its best to manage with meds. While still loopy, my friend will randomly break out into Billy's songs (mostly at the top of his lungs). Family, friends and medical staff find this so endearing. It's like Billy's music is also trying to comfort the pain.....

With all this said, I was hoping I could make this heartfelt request to Mr. Joel. I know that he is currently touring, but if there was any possible way for Billy to briefly call Don to wish him well before the surgery, it would be beyond appreciated and something that would never be forgotten!!!

As a Hicksville, NY native, I was raised on Billy Joel's music and am a huge fan. He always appears so down-to-earth and I believe, is the pride of Hicksville.

If I sent this in error, I truly apologize wasting anyone's time. However, I would also be so ever grateful if this message could somehow get to Billy. My email is [email protected] I PROMISE THIS IS NOT A HOAX. I am just trying to help this family friend and hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

With sincere hope and thanks,


  • KevrockKevrock Posts: 169
    OH WOW,
    Well, Cant help you there.

    The 12 year old Billy Joel fan


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  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    Really sorry to hear about your friend.
    We often get people posting here who are trying to contact Mr Joel, but no one manages to contact him through this site. As far as we are aware Mr Joel has nothing to do with this forum.
    You would be best to try via his publicist (I have no idea who that is) or through his charity organisations.
    Good luck

    "It's about joy that comes out of sorrow"
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