Lyrics Billy Sings as ROD ends...

I've never been able to quite figure out the trailing lyrics of River of Dreams. Once the verses are over and he's closing out the songs, he sings:

"Gloria..." and "Its not....[something]"

Can anyone help?

- Scott in Dallas


  • ryanwvryanwv Posts: 44
    I always thought he was saying "its not sweet". At least thats the way i hear it, i may be totally wrong though.
  • He's reciting a lyric from the 50's group The Cadillacs. "Gloria, it's not Marie".
  • BigJoelFanBigJoelFan Posts: 30
    Thanks headphone girl. I was always confused by the fact that the 2nd time he sings it, it sounded different. But after reading your post, I checked out the Cadillacs' song and notice that they sing both "its not Marie" and "its not Cherie"...which matches what I hear Billy singing.
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