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I had the pleasure of meeting Liberty Devitto in Sydney, Australia during the Storm Front tour of the early 90s. He held a drummer's clinic in Parramatta (a district of Sydney) playing along with Billy Joel tracks such as Running on Ice, That's Not Her Style, and others. Most notably he showed his innovative technique for brush and stick played during Just the Way You Are - he even called a 'poker machine' a 'slot machine'?? strange term, anyway - He was not pretentious, not full of himself, or had any superstar attitude about him at all, he was just another guy who played the drums (brilliantly I may add). I haven't really followed Billy Joel's career since River of Dreams but I have recently become nostalgic and revisited his work, including this site, only to notice NO LIBERTY ON DRUMS - can someone please tell me why - I hope it isn't a sad tale (we lost Paul Hester from Crowded House recently). I can't picture Billy Joel without Liberty - his style and punch, his accents and fills (consider live versions of Miami 2017) are seminal to Joel's music. I placed this same message on my own blog but have had no replies. Liberty if you are out there I am that guy who bought the very first copy of your book if you remember signing it for me - you wrote that message in there and it is very prized possession you were one of the greats as is Billy Joel. Thankyou Billy Joel for You May Be Right - Always works live in a Sydney Pub no matter the crowd!!


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    According to a couple of BJ biographies that have been written BJ and Liberty parted company some years ago because BJ was unhappy with some things Lib had been saying. Liberty is still alive and well as far as I am aware, but has not been playing with BJ for several years.
    Hope that helps

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    Liberty is doing very well....He plays music for the love of it and not the business of it.
    Give drum clinics throughout the world and plays in several bands, NYC Hit Squad is one of them.
    This just became nothing more than a business to Billy, Liberty was with him for over 25 year and Billy wasn't even the one that told him he was out of the band.
    It's to bad it ended the way it did.

    Billy wrote a song called Money or Love, I think he should listen to it.
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    Liberty is the koolest person...

    I've known him for years...
    Ever since I opened
    for his band,
    The Funk Club
    at The Enzian Theater in Winter Park Florida...

    I would love to see Liberty jammin
    with Billy again.

    { o}=======<>
    The Alien Bluez Dude
  • Liberty and Billy split in 2005. Aparently Liberty heard third hand that he was dropped from the band and has never personally heard from Billy.
    Liberty is alive and well, married again with all his 3 daughters doing very well.
    I met Liberty two weeks ago in the famous Liverpool Cavern Club, home of The Beatles.
    Lib was playing with 60's idol Billy J Kramer and is still playing as he has always done.
    Drum clinics, Little Kids Rock, Studio and Gigs are keeping Lib busy.
    He is now 60, makes me feel old at 53, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
    A kind and great musician who takes the time to speak and relate to his many fans.
    He does have a Facebook page if you want to keep up to date with what he is up to.
    To me, Liberty is one of the Worlds greatest drummers.
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