This probably won't be allowed on because these tickets are such a racquet but Ticketmaster is a fraud. Why only after 5 minutes on sale would tickets be sold out to a concert and they are immediately on Ticketmaster's ticket exchange for 2-5 times as much? I know why but it is just ridiculous. They have such a hold on the ticket selling business that it is no longer just a thing to do to go to a concert but it is something for which you have to take out a loan. Until people stop buying these exhorbitant ticket prices, things will never change.


  • joelsgirljoelsgirl Posts: 224
    Beyond a fraud!!! I got tickets for the 1.16.09 Hollywood show and couldn't get as close as I liked going through legit (read: ticketmaster) ways but I noticed the same thing - ticketmaster allows people to scalp right on their own website. It is a shame that artists and fans have been taken hostage by ticketmaster. I say the artists should start buying out the first 10 rows and selling only to their fan club members!

  • uncle alcoholuncle alcohol Posts: 159
    Im so sick of Ticketmaster...

  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    Join us on the thread where we are flagging the posts asking for a fan club with access to concert tickets like Elton John's Rocket Club.
    You can post and then flag your post. We have no idea if anyone actually takes any notice, but at least it's something.

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