Hollywood Show 01/18/06

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*WARNING* **SPOILERS** (SETLIST, billys way) January 19, 2009 - 11:13am — Luie Rating:
To Whom Does Not Want To Know, Stop Reading!!!

Billy Joel - Fourth Show - 01/18/09 Hollywood, Florida

If you're a Billy Joel fan, get ready for a treat, if you're a casual fan, you will leave a true fan!
This show, compared to ten plus others I've seen, in my humble opinion was the best of all!
Folks, this is the one to see, he's pushing sixty and playing the best ever period. You have two more chances in Hollywood, Fl. to see him and I may see him again if I can swing it. I like to know what I'm going to see and that's the reason for this setlist, you can stop now if you don't want to know! The usual grandiose music played as the lights dimmed, a much improved lighting system highlighted Billy as he opened with Miami 2017! The banter with the crowd was more than usual and he exuded confidence, as a larger and much improved band, did also. He announced the tracks and the albums, which few musicians do thinking selfishly you should know but not Billy, who makes fun of his albums. He did an intro and broke into "An Angry Young Man", "The Entertainer", a nice lullaby followed by a stunning "NY State of Mind" with Mark Rivera's Sax bringing tears, if you're a New Yorker. He followed with a nice tribute to the late Freddie Hubbard with "Zanzibar" and continued with "Allentown". He then stumped me and played a track form "The Bridge" Album, I think I know what it was but do not want to mislead you. "Don't Ask Me Why", "She's Always A Woman To Me" and "Captain Jack" were awesome and then he started playing "Maggie May" and since Rod Stewart will be at the same venue in less than two weeks, everyone thought a surprise guest was coming out but they stopped mid song, a tease, and broke into "Go To Extremes", "My Life" and in the "Middle of the Night' included "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in the middle of the song from "River of Dreams". He took a break and let one of his oldest rodie sing AC/DC's "Highway To Hell". He came back with "We Din't Start The Fire" and Crystal Talifero shined as she always does and with a little more zest. "Still Rock and Roll" and "You Maybe Right" ended the show but the encores were waiting. They came back on stage and played "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant", "Only The Good Die Young" and the crowd killer, "Piano Man", the last three were played better than I have ever seen and worth the price of the ticket alone! I saw Billy in '06 and he did not look good but looks healthy and happy now! Perhaps his daughter doing a show after his in the Cafe at the Hard Rock has revived him and of course, the wagon! May God give him strength to do this forever and from now on, with each show, they will only get better and I hope he finishes this long tour back home, here in Florida, a transplant we can now call our own like a whole lot of us are!


  • do you remember any of the lyrics to the song from The Bridge? or describe the tune?

    Concert sounds incredible. I wish he'd put his summer plans up - I intend to book my holiday around where he's playing!!
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    your list sounds really similar (minus his daugher, unfortunately. i think she's quite talented in her own right) to what he did here last summer in pennsylvania. the song he did from the bridge was big man on mulberry street, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BILLY JOEL SONG!!! imagine my surprise and luck!! can anyone even help me get that song for a ringtone on my crappy cell phone? anyway it was beyond awesome. it was my 4th billy concert. i'm so bummed he's not coming back here with sir elton for this years face to face tour. but at least i caught the first one...am a huge fan of both.
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