Anxiously awaiting LPAS Documentary

Anyone hearing rumors on how the documentary is shaping up? I still go back and watch some of the videos I took on my digital camera from the nosebleeds at Shea and tear up. I doubt I'll ever attend a concert as great as that one (7/18/08).

Still hoping that somehow my ugly mug makes the footage. But with hundreds of camera's placed throughout the venue both nights, the odds have to be astronomically against.

Regardless, can't wait to own the official documentary and relive that amazing night all over again.

- Scott


  • nybucknybuck Posts: 1
    Same here...although I love the hour-or-so video footage I got from my digital camera (also from the nosebleed seats & also on 7/18), I keep looking out for news on the DVD. I did hear that there are some good torrents circulating out there of both shows.

    Where were you seated?
  • BigJoelFanBigJoelFan Posts: 30
    I don't remember the section (have my ticket somewhere, but too lazy to find it right now), but I was about even with 3rd base in the Mezz (or whichever deck is below the top one)...about 6 rows up.
  • soulkat9soulkat9 Posts: 16
    Lucky dogs! I wish i would have seen!

    UMGD Intern
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