Thank you for writing LENINGRAD

RodoRodo Posts: 2
Hello to everybody. First of all I want to ask for forgiveness, cause my English is not so good, but I´ll try to make me understand.
I´d heard Leningrad so much time ago, but I´ve recently listen again, and even more, I´ve look for the vid, and don´t you know what happend to me? I started to cry (ah, I was in my office!!), and since then I listen to this song two or three times a day. And believe, each time I listen to this lyrics or see the images on the video, always happen the same.
I really believe that this song has the most beautifull lyrics I have ever listened.
And some scenes in the video, make me cry a lot. For example, that one when Billy say "A child of sacrifice, a child of war", when this poor child without parents (I think) appear, I think it´s because I have 2 kids of this age and I can´t imagine them in that situation. Or that one when Billy and Viktor (I suppose) keep embraced a the end
I don´t think that this lines could ever reach Billy´s hands, but in case that someone knows him express my sincerely gratefulness for this song, and ask him for coming to my country (Argentina), the place of the most delicious meet, wine, and women around the world.
Thank you Billy for moving all these feelings I´m feeling now
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