Yet Another Compilation

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I've just discovered that the Essential Billy Joel 3.0 (yes they have even named it 3.0 must be after Die Hard) is available on Amazon as an import from Australia.

Why oh why oh why Sony, have you given us yet another compilation?
Our appetites have been whetted with Christmas in Fallujah, so please don't give us another compilation. GIVE US SOMETHING NEW.

If you can't give us something completely new then how about BJ re-recording Cold Spring Harbour? Record this classic album with a mature BJ voice.
We would happily buy that.
It could even make a whole new generation of fans.
Go one, take a risk.
It may just be a huge success!

But please NO MORE ******* COMPILATIONS



  • This isnt for us the old loyal fans, this is for newer younger fans, let them sell what they will im not biting on anything less than new joel songs

    they say that these are not the best of times but they're the only times i've ever known!
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