Mohegan 2009

Any chance you'll come real East and play at Mohegan again? Last years show was great and so where all the others I've seen!


  • I saw the 10th show at Mohegan and loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! It was the best way to spend me and my husbands first wedding anniversary! i would love to see Billy at Mohegan again.
  • elwood444elwood444 Posts: 4
    I saw the 10th show too. That was great. my 4th concert with him, 2 of them with elton
    --ipamela s                            I saw billy joel a total of 30 times all up and down the eastern side of the country recently my husband and i flew to florida,to see him at the hardrock live..he was great during that concert when he said he was going to be playing on feb14 at lasvegas .i went and got tickets to that show...i really hope he comes to n.y with elton john..after the cocert in vegas we were getting ready to leave and to my suprise billy joel and mark rivera tapped me on my shoulder and thanked me formy support... truley a gentelman...lets hope he swings this way again... bookitty
  • pianofan24pianofan24 Posts: 5
    curiosity question for you fans out there...any reason why both billy and his daugher both play at mohegan? unfortunately, i've never been there, but would like to visit sometime. but i've noticed she plays there much also. but i haven't read anywhere about them playing togeher...except at an obama fundraiser last year (where they were joined by bruce springsteen, have been searching the web but haven't found it yet). can you imagine...billy and alexa ray playing "baby grand" together? must have been beautiful...
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