Sadly disappointed at The Last Play at Shea

GailGail Posts: 2
I was very excited to be going to see Billy play at Shea Stadium. I was responsible for getting the 6 tickets for my husband and I and two other couples. Our tickets were for the Wednesday show. So what that it wasn't the last play at shea, I felt fortunate to get them.

The problem was that our seats where among a column of seats that had 100% blocked view from all screens and too far away to see the goings-on on stage. We didn't know who the special guests were until word made it through the crowd to us or until we could make out the music being played.

I am 49 years old and grew up in East Meadow, NY, "around the corner" from those village greens. My friends and I have been going to see Billy Joel since his early concerts at Nassau Collesium. I have never had one of those great seats but never complained, it was just so wonderful being there.

...But this was far more frustrating than I could bear. The tickets did not mention partial view, they were sold as if the seats were like all the rest.

I felt extremely deserted, as if we didn't matter.... I also felt as though I let my friends down. You have no idea how frustrating it was to not know what was going on on stage as the whole stadium was in an uproar. Understandably the audio was not the best so this did not help to figure out who was on stage until well into the song.

I waited to write this so that time would help me to be less cynical. I will always be a fan of Billy Joel and hope to see him next time he comes to town. Hopefully next time I will enjoy the show.


  • elwood444elwood444 Posts: 4
    You know I had a similar problem once. I live in New Hampshire. Back in 2004 Two friends and I drove to Syracuse NY to see Elton and Billy. we looked at the layout of the carrier dome, understood how big it was. we did choose ground floor seats, but were as far back as ground seats could get. But we would still be able to see the stage so we bought them. But when we got there apparently they changed the layout. they had changed were the sound crew sat. they went from behind us to in front of us. now we could not see the stage. luckily we had the screens to look at. But still frustrating, and this was my first BJ concert. but I overcame and went down to Atlanta GA in 05 to see BJ and EJ again and that one was awesome. then BJ by himself in my neck of the woods in Boston in 06. and again at Mohegan Sun this past summer. And where will I go in 09...... I dont know but I cant wait
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