When is the next ny concert?

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i am an officer in the israeli army. i was born in ny, and was raised on billy's music.
this forum probably gets this sentance alot - but im a very big fan.
i moved to israel at the age of 11 and have not been back to the us since.
one of the most important things to me is to close a circle, and see billy in concert - i hear its a must for every fan. i am also hearing lately that billy is nearing the end of his concerts for good...

can someone point me in a direction as to when hes gonna preform in ny again, i gotta plan flights and leave accordingly and way ahed of time :) even an estimation is good.

any answer is good,


  • MyriapodMyriapod Posts: 9
    I'm interested to see if Billy is likely to play NY or Boston around Easter 2009. I'm going to be visiting from the UK then - got a birthday ending in a zero in March! - and would love to see Billy perform there if at all possible?

  • spe5150spe5150 Posts: 1

    Still no definite NY date, but I just got presale info today about a July 30th show in Philadelphia, PA. I would think that means the announcement of NY & NJ shows in August will be coming soon. Hang in there, buddy.

  • tm_marinotm_marino Posts: 2
    i woud love to know how you are getting informed on the presales because i thought i was signed up to recieve all that info but apparently not because i missed it!

    There is no way he can go to philly and not NY right!?!?
  • capcap Posts: 7
    All the best to Billy on his shows!!!

  • joelsgirljoelsgirl Posts: 224
    My understanding is he will not be playing NY until 2010, unfortunately.

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