Waiting for the star called BJ coming to Finland.

epee91epee91 Posts: 6
edited 12/21/08 in Europe
Hi. I really wish that BJ would come to Finland. As far as i remember billy joel has never been in Finland. Finland has thousands of BJ fans who are desperately hoping BJ to come with a spectacular show to Finland. So just think about it. A nordic-countries tour would be nice for BJ and for Nordic-people.


  • desiree82desiree82 Posts: 2
    I'm with you there! Would be amazing to see him on stage here in Finland ,too. Never been so lucky and got to see one his concerts such a shame, really. :(

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  • JukkaJukka Posts: 1
    Yeah. Here's another one GREAT Bj fan depressly waiting to see BJ in Finland :)
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