Piano Man

Wouldn't be great if Billy did a tour similar to what Elton John has done : just himself and his piano. Given that Billy is the original "Piano Man" a tour like this would be amazing to see. I went to the concert in Perth, Australia 2 years ago and that was unbelievable but to see Billy and his piano would be the ultimate concert.


  • tickapatickapa Posts: 3
    is a great idea ... but I do not think that will happen! i want to hear singing All About Soul
  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    I would like him to do a Cold Spring Harbour tour and re-record CSH with his more mature voice.
    All that material is piano driven.
    I think that would be absolutely brilliant

  • KevrockKevrock Posts: 169
    What do you mean?
    Like just Billy and his Piano. No band behind him?
    That would suck. He would only be able to play a few songs. Like Piano man, New York state of mind, Vienna, Just the way you are ect. But what about We didint start the fire, Captain jack, The entertainer, angry young man, The stranger, Still rock and roll to me, I go to extreams ect. Those you would want to hear with a full band behind him.

    The 12 year old Billy Joel fan

  • joelsgirljoelsgirl Posts: 224
    Can't see it happening BUT there are several songs that might be interesting to hear piano driven. Summer Highland Falls is piano driven but with a backing band and the version he did at the NPC luncheon a couple of months ago with just the piano was incredible. Some songs wouldn't sound right - Captain Jack comes to my mind. I wonder what some of the songs off River of Dreams would sound like as a piano driven song. So many of those songs moved away from the piano that I have wondered what they would sound like "reinvented" if you will.
  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    All of Cold Spring Harbour is piano driven and he could perform that whole album on his own.
    Many of the other albums contain tracks that would work with just a piano Summer Highland Falls, Goodnight My Angel. A lot of ROD could translate to piano,but maybe not the big numbers like NO Man's Land.
    Definitely not Captain Jack and Say Goodbye to Hollywood.
    A lot of early BJ would work with just him and his piano. The real rock and roll sound developed along the way. I would argue the Stranger was his first real rock n roll offering, but even that had Always a Woman and Just The Way which could both be piano only ballads.

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