Your comming to Phoenix again , you canceled last time, I had Won third row tickets.....BOO HOO!

Last time Billy Joel was comming to Phoenix, I had third row Tickets I won from a radio station. I was so stoked!! I was going to take my wife, she had never seen Joel. I have seen him twice in Los Angeles when I was in High School on the tour for Allen Town and An innocent man, both shows kicked but. I never ever was anywhere near the stage. Winning these tickets for the third row was a dream! I couldn't wait. As I good things must come to an end, this dream ended with a BAM!
Show in Phoenix was canceled when Billy went back into rehab and the show was never reschuled.
I still have the two tickets, I keep them in my desk and now and then will take them out and just stare at them and wonder what could have been. Still, Im just as big a fan as I ever was, glad Billy is doing fine with his life. Keep rocking Billy, A lifelong fan in Arizona, Mike
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