Cant dance in New Zealand

madzenmadzen Posts: 2
Billy Joel, Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
Billy joel rocked, every part the entertainer, but not so vector arena. I wanted to dance from the get go, The fast openning piano of Angry Young Man got me up, I moved to the aisle out of way of the people behind to boogie on but security stop me with a "please return to your seat and sit down sir!" it took an hour and River of Dreams to get people dancing on mass so that security couldnt stop the revolt, I wasnt about the sit down again even though some did.
Does Billy know we cant dance? I thought It was Rock n Roll, has it now offically pased over to Easy listening? or am just to young and dont understand this is the proper way for a concert to run? I loved the show, just would have like be on my feet grooving without feelin like an outcast.
Are all Billy Joel concerts around the world like this?
Rock on


  • brettdalebrettdale Posts: 4
    Where were you sitting?, I had floor seats in the 20th row, it seemed only a few people were standing up, the security didn't seemed to be stopping them, yeah when he played river of dreams everybody stood up and the security couldn't do nothing, hahaha.

    Apprently vector arena is like that with a lot of concerts.

    Still, what a great concert, one of the best I have ever been to.
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