I am sober, thanks to Billy Joel

I was severly dependent on alcohol for many years of my life, and not only was it slowly killing me, it was having a horrible effect on my relationship with my children. Then, in 2002, I read in the paper where Billy Joel was undergoing treatment for his alcoholism. His drive to get sober was to do this as a gift to his daughter. To give her a father who was sober.

Well, that was finally the catalyst that I needed to once and for all quit alcohol. I vowed to quit, as a Christmas present to my 3 boys. I asked my oldest son to take me to my first AA meeting on December 7th, 2002. I never drank again. I have now been sober for 6 years, and I am so thankful to you, Billy Joel, for not only giving me my life back, but for giving my boys their father back.

And thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous too, for there is NO WAY I could have done this without you! Please, if anyone else out there reads this message, and you are struggling with dependency to alcohol, please save yourself as soon as you can, for its never to late to start living again. Life is very fragile. Thank you, thank you God, for giving me a second chance.

Mark in Indiana


  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    I was going to PM you, but you don't have it enabled.
    I struggle with my Dad's dependency, the irony is that I'm an addictions professional.
    It is great to hear that you have been sober for 6 years.
    I don't want to sound patronising but WELL DONE.
    Never underestimate what you have achieved.

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