What's a fan gotta do?

I went on Ticketmaster for the Hollywood Hardrock performance and was all excited to get a decent seat. I soon found out my hopes were WAY to high. I didn't mind the cost of the Hot Seat packages. I would pay that $525 for a great seat. I did find out that those great seats were not going to be mine. I didn't think sitting in row U on the floor behind twenty or more rows of standing people was worth that particular price. I fished around through each of the three venues as they became available to find that no matter what I did, those great front area seats were gone. That didn't bother me so much at the time. Even when section 102, row A came up for $325, I found it more reasonable for the cost to sit behind twenty or thirty rows of people. That being said, I settled for a cheap nose-bleed section at the side of the stage where I can see him perform perfectly well with no one's head obstructing my view. I just want to SEE him perform as well as hear that mighty fine voice of his, that is what makes me happy.

What truly bothers me is that I looked up Stub Hub and EBay listing for the same three shows. Low and behold....there were those great seats I had been looking for. I understand people want to make a dollar, but why not let a real fan get a great seat to a show that they look forward to every year? There are listings for a seat that started out at $525 that can now be purchased for a mere $1,250. There are already hundreds, literally hundreds, of tickets being listed already for resale at these unimaginable prices.

I love me some Billy Joel, but I can't fathom why a person would be able to demand that price. I am completely frustrated and appalled at the whole situation. I am just a fan and have been so since I was a small child. I am now in my thirties and competing for a seat to the show with people who obviously have no love for the artist. Where's the fairness in it all?!?!?!


  • bisous3bisous3 Posts: 1
    I hear you!! I have been going to Billy's concerts since the 70's.....I've never missed a tour. Once- just once I would like to go through the normal channel and get a good seat. I would go alone !! As a matter of fact I think I am just going to try and buy one good seat on Ebay. Frusrtrating. Whats MORE frustrating is how much $$$ these brokers are making from the artists.

    Once I remember Billy asking the audience to applaud if you bought your tickets the regular way and if you bought them from scalpers. He really discourages it, but I don't think ther eis anythng anyone can do.
  • mibs131mibs131 Posts: 5
    Amen!!!! It's just wrong ethically. I wish the artists had more control over this issue. It really should be illegal.
  • fso001fso001 Posts: 1
    Sammy Hagar has a great system in place to buy advanced tickets for REAL fans. Perhaps his group should model it after the Red Rocker.
  • pmrochepmroche Posts: 5
    I liked the old TickeTron way of doing things, where if you wanted good seats for a show, you would either camp outside a retailer or get there early in the morning and wait in line with other die-hard fans, and your odds of purchasing a good seat would improve. Sure, the waiting could suck, but it was always fun to talk with other fans and share memories, and you would usually be rewarded with semidecent concert tickets at face value. Today it's just about money, money, money. Corporations and entities like radio stations and promoters and scalping companies buy up tickets en masse, so by the time a show goes onsale to the general public, there isn't much left, and what remains sells out very quickly. Elton John has a club you can pay to join, and you'll get dibs on good seats, but they'll cost a few hundred. There's no mechanism in place for a regular joe (but true fan) to secure lower or mid-tier seats at face value. I'll be online this Saturday morning, I'm sure, clicking refresh over and over like a moron
  • joolsmithjoolsmith Posts: 823
    It's not just show tickets.
    I'm in the UK and my son likes to go to music festivals.
    The face value price is one thing, but you cannot buy a ticket legitimately without adding an extortionate booking fee via the ticket broker or pay an inflated price on ebay.
    You cannot queue anywhere for a ticket except on-line.
    It is a disgrace

  • pmrochepmroche Posts: 5
    Two hours until the clock runs out, the planets align, and tickets for Cleveland go onsale and I will be four months away from being in the same "room" as Billy Frickin Joel once again, and life will be good for 2.5 hours.
  • joelsgirljoelsgirl Posts: 224
    Whats worse is so many of the people at these shows aren't true fans! I saw him at the Hard ROck in Florida last night and all I heard from the guy behind me was "hurry up and play Piano Man, thats what were here for." I like PM just as well as anybody but at least enjoy the show! Of course, he then proceeds to tell everyone his seats were free! You should have to take a test to get in the first 10 rows!

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