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Hi all. I have never ever joined any kind of fan club or been a part of any fan site before. But I am a fan of Billy Joel. As I grow older I find myself waxing nostalgic about my youth and his music was a big part of my "coming of age" years. I have been a fan of all sorts of music over my lifetime but I find his music to remain most consistent in my life in terms of my tastes changing over the years. If that makes sense?


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    You are not alone in being nicely "mature", I too grew up with BJ music and bought his albums on vinyl. One of the younger fans had to ask me what vinyl was, boy did that make me feel old.
    I've been listening to BJ music since I was a teenager in the 70's and I still love it.
    Very glad that you have joined us.
    Greetings from the UK

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    Nice to have a new person aboard!

  • Hi LJ,
    Yes that completely makes sense. I have been ( and am ) in to all sorts of music but as with you, I find BJ is a constant who I can return to as an old friend. Best thing being, it never feels old. Does that make sense? He has produced such an eclectic ( luv that word ) mix that there is something for all situations/moods/emotions etc.
    Anyway, welcome. Hope you enjoy the site as we all do..
    More greetings from the UK
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    LJ- I saw Billy live for the first time in 1974! With about 300 other people. Billy was backing up the Beach Boys! Even then- people thought" Who is this cocky guy with all this talent?"??.It was very cool to see Billy at the beginning of his career!
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    Having seen Billy at all stages of his career, it has been a true pleasure to watch and listen to him evolve over the years.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    One of the really nice things in my house is that my kids also love Billy Joel. My 2 younger kids especially. (I have 3 aged almost 24, 18, and almost 16.) The 18 year old, is currently a music major at University, and the youngest also plans to be a music major when he starts college in a couple of years. So you can imagine how important music, all kinds, is to us.

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    Welcome!! I too have enjoyed introducing my children to BJ music. Although they are still very young they have both begun to learn. My daughter will start taking piano lessons soon and she can't wait to learn BJ music. I have told her that it might be a while before she can play his music but she is still really excited!
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    You are not alone in being nicely "mature", I too grew up with BJ music and bought his albums on vinyl.


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    HI I am too a big fan of Billy. He has been my role model since my childhood. I always wanted to be like him. Now I am a mature person and I still want to be like him.

    Enhanced Kre-Alkalyn
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    I, too, have been a fan since I was 12(1982..YIKES!!!). I used to watch a t.v. show called 'BOSOM BUDDIES', and the theme song was the chorus to 'My Life'. I loved the song so much, I'd sing it around the house. One day, my older sister told me Billy Joel sings it, and she has the album. I remember saying, "BILLY WHO??" I still laugh when I think of that. Anyway, his music has been one of the only constants in my life(no pun) over the years besides my kids who, incidentally, have their own favorite BJ songs. Thanks again to my big sis and Tom Hanks(star of 'BOSOM BUDDIES' for those of you who didn't know that) for introducing me to the best music I'd ever know. OH, YEAH... How do I post a new forum topic? It keeps telling me 'access denied'. THANKS AGAIN, Y'ALL...
  • HI I am new here too.I am a little bit nervous about joining this community as I have never been the part of any community.Let's think positive and be optimistic.
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    My name is Leila from. I'm new "old" fan too.
    I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To Billy Joel and his family, band and fans.
    All the best, Leila.
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    I have written a novel and would like to use some of Billy Joel's song lyrics in the story. Does anyone know how I can get permission to do this?
  • drainsdrains Posts: 3
    I have written a novel and would like to use some of Billy Joel's song lyrics in the story. Does anyone know how I can get permission to do this?
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    LJ I couldn't agree with you more and I am in the same boat. He is Just the most amazing Musician and Lyricist who has ever lived and Has been with me my whole teen to adult life. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowing I am not alone in this.

    If anyone reads this and knows the song "Everybody Loves You Now" and what Billy actually wrote it about, I would love to know. Thanks.
  • You are not alone! I'm 45 and just recently having a Billy Joel renaissance period. He was my first musical love... I still bang out 'piano man' on the piano... his was the first rock concert I ever attended, and, I saw him 4 times... I can sing 'italian restaurant backwards, forwards, and upside down in my sleep....

    How did I ever forget about him? I honestly don't know, but I know that will never happen again. In fact, I came here to try to figure out how I could meet him. I've been obsessed with 'Summer Highland Falls' even though I'd never really listened to it much as a kid...As I watch ever live version of it that I can find on youtube, I sink deeper and deeper into my obsession...

    He's not that much older than me, is he? ;-)

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