Taking care of your fans

January 2022 MSG concert dates need to be rescheduled or cancelled with ticket refunds. We are very concerned about the show being a super spreader Omicron event and Billy and concert promoters have an obligation to think about the health and safety of fans. I have waited almost 2 years for this show to go on but not at the risk of my health (and I have been triple vaccinated).


  • FrankenjoeFrankenjoe Posts: 1
    I fully agree with the previous comment. I bought the ticktes in 2020 with the hope covid would be behind us in 2022. My wife and me, we are from Germany, which makes it more difficult, as traveling in these times is even more risky. We are also triple vaccinated. But it is still a risk and I assume most of Billy`s fans are over 60. I would very much appreciate, if there would be a decision taken soon, if the concert in April 2022 takes place or will be rescheuled. Thanks in advance and happy new year!
  • KelleeKellee Posts: 2
    I also agree that the 1/14 concert should be postponed. Please make a decision soon so that travel plans can be altered and rescheduled.
  • debcogodebcogo Posts: 1
    Cannot believe that we got a confirmation email for next week. We love Billy Joel but going forward with this concert is absurd. We’re also told that our insurance we purchased does not apply to a pandemic. Please cancel and reschedule.
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