Thank you Billy

I have been a fan of yours for over 40 years now. I play piano and have all your music books (I think!) I developed my own style after my parents threatened to sell the piano and your music was the inspiration to keep the piano - and yes I do play a bit different to you ... I use the chords and add my own type of ad lib melody rather than using the actual music. I still have the piano but don't often have the time to play anymore or to listen to music due to a busy job and a lot of different things going on in my life. I also have all of your CDs but again - I don't have time to put a lot of music on ..... I had the pleasure of seeing you perform in the USA when I was an exchange student and twice in New Zealand where I live - one on your own and one with Elton John ... thank you... I still have a friend in Cincinnati from my days over there who sent me some videos of your latest concert there ... my god you still have it mate (as we say here in New Zealand!) Last night for some reason I put on one of your CDs "The Essential Billy Joel" and I spent half and hour singing and crying .. the memories it brought back were enormous. I don't know if you wlll ever get this but I do want to thank you for your music and the positive and overwhelming impact it has had on my life.... you will always be the Piano Man and I thank you .... Carla


  • i hope someone sees this and can tell Billy i heard him say in a interview ... his voice id getting deeper and its a struggle to hit those high notes.. he would stop performing... the audience deserves the best... Billy most times the audience is singing over you lol how many of us cant do some of what we used to do1 we love you, your iconic music and the happy memories it invokes when we hear you xoxo period
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