We Didn’t Start the Fire!

When I was a very young girl, my mom wrote in my baby book & later told me that my favorite song was “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” When I was in my 20s I met a History teacher & out of nowhere one day I said to him since you’re a History teacher do you know about everything brought up in this song. Besides knowing every single lyric, he explained in detail the meaning of every lyric. I was VERY impressed. I am 37 now, married to this man, & we have an almost 3 year old boy. Thank you Billy Joel!


  • JoHoLondonJoHoLondon Posts: 1
    I really enjoyed your guest appearance on the podcast of this title - I've been listening to it for a while because I realised how ignorant I was about history. Although this song has never been one of my faves, I really enjoyed hearing the context for the song and things like the Rockefeller misunderstanding were pretty funny. What it did make me reflect on was how much a positive part of my personal soundtrack you've played and I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks here. I'm 52 years old and it feels like you've been playing and singing all the way through. I remember hollering along to Allentown and An Innocent Man as a teenager and my (pretty choosy) mum saying how much she liked Just The Way You Are. As a mum with a new baby, I literally used to try and sing River of Dreams while I was walking around in the middle of the night. I say 'try' because that song demands the most extraordinary vocal range and actually I found the words hard to learn. I also loved Lullabye, so gorgeous and so well written. All of this general appreciative-ness made me want to listen to some albums in full and I've just started The Stranger. It's amazing. Even the less well known songs like The Stranger and Vienna are excellent. I don't know how you've managed to produce SO many incredible songs during your career but from this fan a very big THANK YOU for making the world a much better place.
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