I live in Buffalo, NY. On November 14th, 1973, I went to a concert at Kleinhans Music Hall to see my favorite band, The Doobie Brothers. The opening act was someone called "Billy Joel". Like most concerts that I had gone to back then, I just wanted to get the opening act over with so I could see my favorite band. That was until you started to play! My first reaction was "WOW"! This was an opening act? You were PHENOMINAL! I didn't want your set to end! Today, when I tell someone about this, they can't believe that Billy Joel was an opening act playing at a small venue like Kleinhans Music Hall. This isn't a knock on Kleinhans. The Buffalo Philharmonic
plays there and they actually have great acoustics, but this is a small venue not meant to accommodate the huge Billy Joel concerts of today. Fast forward to today, I am 66 years old, and I have all of your "albums". I have been to many of your concerts. My favorite one was your concert with Elton John! You probably won't see this e-mail because I'm sure you're inundated with them but in case you do, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

Rick LoPresti
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