MESSAGE FOR BILLY - Concert tickets gift to the well deserved

We (4 of us) are from Wales in UK and massive fans. First saw Billy in North Wales late 70's at the Deeside 'Bus Terminal' (as Billy called it!) Last saw him at Manchester last tour in UK and next week was to be the dream concert at MSG. Unfortunately we cant make it and have had to cancel flights. Absolutely gutted to miss the show so we have 4 tickets for 20th December at Madison Square Gardens and would like to donate them to some deserving people, perhaps to New York Fire fighters who we know you have a great deal of respect for, or some people just as deserving of your choice. Pretty good tickets too.
Hopefully this message gets to Billy's team in time to sort out ?
Genuine offer so need genuine confirmation (proof) from Billy's team.
All the best Ian, Caroline, John and Beverly.


  • mdilo48mdilo48 Posts: 1
    Hello - my family and I are very upset that NYC Concert for today, 12/20 is going on. Especially with all the COVID measures and cancellations going on in NYC. We are coming with mother-in-law, everyone freaking about OMICRON and the closures. We bought tix at face value and had to dump them for 30% of value, as it seems everyone is dumping tix. Thanks Billy Joel, so much for being senstitive to your fans - taking the money and performing in middle of pandemic outbreak that government and other business shutting down. I lost $750 on my tix.
  • bjspyjamasbjspyjamas Posts: 2
    So sorry that you had to miss the concert. Hopefully you'll be able to go at some time next year.
    That late 70's concert at Deeside btw was so late 70's that it was actually in the 80's. April 2nd, 1980. ;-) my first ever concert, £5 a ticket. They used to have some great concerts there.
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