Tell her about it

Dear Billy, Dear friend,
I am very much in love with a woman. She is the Love of my Life, she is my destiny, she is my everything. We met in mental hospital, we danced we kissed we fell in love. I miss her, she is my everything, I only have an email address and your advice is tell her about it:
She does not answer anymore. I can give her everything, I can give her healing....what can I do?? Your voice your spirit your life and your album: The River of Dreams is my compass as much as Bente Kahan: Stimmen von Theresienstadt: In German I am German):
Mein nahm mir mein Zuhause fort....she is my home my destiny! What would you do???
Thank you very much in advance, I owe you one,
Best regards,


  • EleonoraEleonora Posts: 4
    p.s my email [email protected] please write me, if you can help, I owe you a favor and a drink. Whatever you ask for, whatever I can might be able to contribute or give you if you are looking for something! You are an inspiration, a voice a light in the darkness!!
  • EleonoraEleonora Posts: 4
    Dear Billy, You can give the crowd the feeling to not faqll into the darkness,, Kevin Spacey, the crowd, the feeling, you can give the audience the feeling, but who is protecting you from falling into darkness, alone? I can give you that my friend!! I do not know you, we might never meet, I am not alone but I am lonesome among humans. I do not fall into darkness, I am surrounded by light. You light my fire, if you ever need any help my friend, write me, wherever you are and there will be light!!
    I am serious as 2000 years! [email protected] There will be poetry! My word!
  • EleonoraEleonora Posts: 4
    Dear Billy, as human, as friend if you ever listened to Bente Kahan in German Language> Lieder from Theresienstadt, such as, I can comfort you, there will be no fear, just light and love, no darkness anymore, never again my friend as German: I can give you my word!
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