Coming to Orlando, can't wait to see you. One question please

Good Day, Mr.Joel,
I am so looking forward to seeing you perform in Orlando, Florida. I have been a huge fan since I bought my first album The Stranger. Not that I didn't listen to all your music before but there were no record stores in my small town where I grew up on Long Island, had to travel to one of the malls in the middle of the Island. Needless to say, I can't wait to see you perform live. Which, brings me to this question, and I completely understand if you were to say no.
One day, I was watching your Downeaster Alexa video and my sister-in-law mentioned that one of the fishermen you used for that video was her father Fred Havens whom you saw Haul Seining in the area of Sag Harbor, which is almost a lost art of fishing at least on the Island it is. She said you were intrigued by his fishing and you added him to your video.
I was wondering if at all possible could I get the chance to meet a fellow long Islander like yourself. I am not asking for any free tickets as I already have them, not the best but I definitely have them. If you could please grant me this "Oh MY GOD" moment I will forever be grateful. Just the opportunity to meet you would be amazing, and again I completely understand if this can not happen, but if it could.
My email address should be tied to this post if you need to reach out to me
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