Orphan Lyrics

I was rummaging through my files of unfinished/aborted songs and such, and ran across this. It seemed like something Billy could write a tune to. Or it can marinate on my hard drive for a few more decades.

Lisa’s Lament
Eric P. Nichols

So you woke up this morn with a hole in your head
A bedpan was under your hips
A bouquet of IVs was stuck in each vein
As slobber poured forth from your lips

You haven’t a clue how you got in this place,
Of your mind, you’ve long been bereft
Your name, once familiar, escapes you just now
But take heart; we’ll work with what’s left

You say you were sipping some tea in L.A,;
That’s odd, cuz we found you up here
Wand’ring the tundra with nary a coat,
But we’ll sort it out; don’t you fear

You say you remember a jazz band that irked you
And a purse of unusual skin
With an odd little key made of brass, with a stamp
You found lying somewhere within

There, there, little lady; you’ve had a rough day
Don’t worry yourself with that sighing
That blood chilling feeling you’ve had all month long
Is just from the drugs we’ve been trying

So work with us child; we know what we’re doing;
We’re physicians, of that be assured
If there’s anything left in that gourd on your shoulders
We’ll find it, and you will be cured

Or not.

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