Movie Soundtrack

Hi Billy:
I've been a fan of yours for about half my life (and I'm no whippersnapper!)
A small contingent of us Fairbanks folk are beginning production on an independent sci-fi (sort of) film, Steel Stonehenge.
It is an offbeat, but thought provoking flick that asks (and actually possibly) answers some deep questions about physics in general and some oddball science. We want to have all original music for this, and are collecting potential candidates to produce some score for some particular scenes. Your music is especially brilliant at conveying mood and atmosphere, and this is just what we'd like to have.
At this point, this is a labor of love, but we should have some sources of funding coming in soon. Would you be in the least interested in possibly writing a song or two for this project? It would be a tremendous honor to have you participate in this grandiose project in some way.
Thank you for your kindest consideration
Eric P. Nichols
Hard Right Productions/ Timbreland North Audio
North Pole, Alaska
[email protected]
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