COVID Safety At Cincinnati Concert

We purchased tickets last year, and the concert was thankfully postponed due to COVID. I am wondering if there will be masks mandates or vaccine verifications for the Cincinnati concert since cases are back on the rise due to the Delta variant.


  • mark43147mark43147 Posts: 1
    By state law/ recommendations, for outdoor event, a mask is NOT required. Covid cards are not required either.

    In a side note, I wish the concert was cancelled/ postponed to a later time. At this time I believe it is irresponsible to have gatherings of this size that will bring fans in from multiple states. This will be a super spreader event, regardless.

    We also had ticket to Garth Brooks in Cincinnati next week, but he cancelled/ postponed it. That is man that cares about his fans.

    A group of us are debating if we are going to go. Will there goes close to 2K down the drain
  • MajesticMMajesticM Posts: 5
    I pray the same. Come on, Billy Joel, postpone this one again! It’s too big of a risk.
  • BettyBetty Posts: 1
    Agree with above! Please POSTPONE😷🦠
  • I spent so much on tickets I can't just not go! I reached for these tickets!! I agree, Billy Joel needs to put his fans first and postpone the show! He has the power here, not his fans. Keep us safe, Billy!
  • barnesnabarnesna Posts: 1
    Covid numbers are soaring in Ohio. Please take the necessary action to postpone this concert.
  • CatOCatO Posts: 1
    I am uncomfortable going to the concert also with the Delta variant and no mask requirements. Please reschedule. A lot of your fans are older adults!
  • MajesticMMajesticM Posts: 5
    Looks as if I’m going to have to let money go down the drain, well Billy Joel will be getting some unearned cash. I have a feeling “Only The Good Die Young” may be the theme song after this super spreader event.
  • audrey1186audrey1186 Posts: 1
    This is ridiculous that there is no mask mandate or covid vaccine/test requirement at GABP. The National Guard is in this area to help the health workers because the hospitals are overwhelmed. Not having an option for a refund or a credit or moving the show to a new date is just unbelievable. I am a caretaker for an elderly person and cannot chance going to this show and have not been able to find anyone interested in my tickets. Please do something about this. This money is a lot for us.
  • halfpint59halfpint59 Posts: 1
    Mr. Joel sir I’m asking you to please postpone your concert. You are the only one who has the power to cancel/postpone. With no mask/vaccination required to enter ball park you are putting at least 45,000 people at risk. Once I learned there would be no mask or vaccination requirements I’ve been debating if I should go. I’m a 61 year old with a disability with CP with high risk to the virus.. My health and well being is more important than taking a chance of becoming ill. Please please please cancel and reschedule.
  • bubbajobubbajo Posts: 1
    Yes! Cancel! I have been exposed to Covid and might be a carrier. So I am going to do the responsible thing and not go to the concert. Billy Joel you should do the right thing and CANCEL!
  • MajesticMMajesticM Posts: 5
    “Love of Money” — disappointed in Billy Joel. Oh well
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