Dear Mr Joel,

Thirty one years ago, in August, I had a baby girl. Her name is Olivia (I almost named her Alexa Rae but someone else took that name). While I was pregnant, I played your music to her through headphones on my belly. After she was born I would play your music to her when she was fussy and she would immediately calm. I was a single mom. Your music was the soundtrack to our life together. When she was older and I could afford it, I took her to her first Billy Joel concert. We were both so happy we cried when you came out. We had bad seats, the furthest from the stage, but didn't care because we were there together, with you singing in person.
Twelve years ago, in August, Olivia had a baby boy. His name is Dylan. When he was born I played your music for him. He did baby dancing and singing in my lap (he likes Uptown Girl). She was a single mom too. Some cycles are hard to break.
When you did your Farewell Tour she asked me if we could go. We were both so broke but it was important that we still did it. We counted our pennies and managed to buy seats in the furthest row from the stage. Again. But we didn't care because we would be there together, with you singing in person. Again. As we walked to our seats singing We Didn't Start The Fire, off key at the top of our lungs, a nice man who worked for you came up to us and brought us down to the front row. It was the best night. Best. Night. We still have the guitar picks and drum sticks.
Last August I had a heart attack (ack ack ack). I even got to ride in a helicopter (thank you Mercy Flight). Two people who were integral in saving my life were Olivia and Dylan. I was babysitting my five grandchildren at the time so Olivia could have a birthday lunch with her friend. Dylan called his mother and told her to come home immediately while he watched out the window for the ambulance. When she got home, Olivia drove me to the hospital after 911 didn't send anyone. As we drove there, Only The Good Die Young played on the radio. I knew I would be ok.
Tonight we will be at Highmark Stadium to celebrate all of these things by singing off key at the top of our lungs, with you in person. You'll be able to hear us, even from the highest seats, furthest from the stage. You may even be able to see us. We'll be the ones wearing pink sidewinders and bright orange pairs of pants.
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