Buffalo concert

On January 30, 1984 our first date was Billy's concert in Rochester, NY. Christmas of 2019 our sons bought us 2 tickets to the concert in Buffalo 2020. It was cancelled due to Covid and re-scheduled for 8/14/2021 but we have not heard anything as of yet. Is it still happening? and if so what are the Covid restrictions if any. We are sitting in front of the mixing board and are hoping for the best sound. We are celebrating our 34th anniversary and would hate to miss this exciting event. Our name is Tom and Beth Metzger and our email is [email protected] Please make our 8/19 anniversary wish come true, hope tohear from you soon. Thank you very much


  • RalphBRalphB Posts: 1
    I have 2 tickets for buffalo on Saturday but ticketmaster not answering communication can anyone help as I am unable to travel from the UK and would like a refund or to pass them on to someone who can use them
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