phntumphntum Posts: 7
Explain the situation and they will refund you. I got my refund today!


  • jhaunjhaun Posts: 1
    What phone number did you call
  • torontotoronto Posts: 2
    I just received an email from saying:

    "Land border crossings from Canada into the US are temporarily restricting non-essential travel. These restrictions will remain in effect until August 21, 2021.

    Canadian customers that are not able to cross the border and haven’t forwarded or resold their tickets are eligible for a refund. Please fill out the form below by August 7 to return your tickets."

    I have filled it out and received an account number. Not sure what happens next.
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    phntum -- please share with us what phone number you used for Ticketmaster?
  • torontotoronto Posts: 2
    I tried calling Ticketmaster but they don't seem to be taking calls. Emails only to Customer support.

    Did you get the email from I called the ticket office and they said that they had a record of my phone purchase direct from Ticketmaster (paper tickets) and a refund would go back to my credit card. They also said that my tickets would be cancelled and put up for resale.
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    Thank you SO much!!!!
  • fireguyfireguy Posts: 1
    Enjoy my $$ Billy ..... I’m sure you need it
  • ChuckamChuckam Posts: 1
    We were so excited to be seeing Billy Joel preform in Orchard Park in August 2021. We purchased 4 tickets in january 2020, but due to border closure we cannot cross. Stubhub is nowhere to be found and ticketmaster is saying there is nothing they can do. Could put the tickets up for sale but will only get a third of what we paid. I have a solution... you could preform in canada for the many ticket holders that are in the same position as we are it would truly be a happy event!!! Saw you in Toronto a few years back and have to say it was the best concert I've attended!!!
  • call the stadium! They were SUPER helpful. This has to be done before tomorrow!!
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    Sadstephanie - please share what number you called and which department you connected with. I called the stadium and they didn't do anything for me.
  • deeteedeetee Posts: 1
    After 4 unanswered emails to Ticketmaster, I reached out to them today via Twitter dm.They answered within an hour. I provided my order number in the original message and just got confirmation that I will receive a refund to my card in 3-5 days. Good luck my Canadian friends!!
  • AbbysmomAbbysmom Posts: 2
    We have tried soooo many ways/emails to get our refund but to no avail! We have been told to contact vividseat but we do not seem to get anywhere with them. I just do not get why they do not understand that we can not cross the border into the US - it has been that way since March 2020!! I"m sure that Billy Joel and his team must be aware of this situation and should be helping us in someway to get our refunds. It's not that we don't want to go but we are not allowed to cross the border !! We need someone to step up and help us with this!! Please and Thank you ... a long time fan.
  • I'm from Canada and am also trying to not lose out on my tickets. I unfortunately didn't see this refund that cut off on Aug. 7th. I really didn't to sell my tickets as I love Billy Joel and was excited to share the experience with my daughter for her 16th birthday. I was wondering if I was able to provide proof of purchase with Ticketmaster, would Billy Joel and his team be able to provide me another concert date in the future... Year 2022? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • pilotjcpilotjc Posts: 2
    Hello everyone, if anyone has tickets for the Nov 5th MSG show and will not attend I could use them. Please text me at 520.987.5712 or [email protected]
  • SpazWSpazW Posts: 3
    I called Ticketmaster on Wednesday August 11, 2021. My refund was posted to my credit card today! I was on hold for 30 minutes but definitely worth the wait.
  • OR you can call the stadium, they were super helpful! I got my refund!
  • LaurReim, I googled the stadium, called the first phone number I saw. I was on hold for abut five minutes. I spoke with a nice man by the name of Chris. He was able to help me out. I got my refund on my credit card yesterday!
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