Mr Joel...Canadians need your help...time is running out!!!

I am one of many Canadians who need someone to listen!!! We are 5 Canadians who can not cross the border to see you in Buffalo in August including our 16 year old son who has been asking for Billy Joel tickets since he was 10. We are about to be out over $450US. Please Mr Joel...find a way to refund us Canadians or postpone the concert to 2022 like you have done for other locations. Our son is crushed and feels responsible that we are about to lose a ton of money. Can someone please respond!!!


  • phntumphntum Posts: 7
    There are lots of us in the same predicament. Please acknowledge us!
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    Mr. Joel: We are Canadian and have 6 tickets for your show on August 14th. We really hope you do something to help us out! We are losing so much money - that we were so willing to pay to see and hear you -- because we are huge fans! Please acknowledge, respond and refund/credit us for another concert in CANADA.
  • lynndorlynndor Posts: 3
    I’m in the same situation. Two tickets worth $400 US. I have flown to New York City two times to see you at Madison Square Garden‘s and now I can’t even go to Buffalo
  • AbbysmomAbbysmom Posts: 2
    Yes, many of us need your help ... please somebody! ... Billy Joel, his team, his agents, his reps ...somebody!! We, too, are Canadians and very long time fans that have seen you several times both in Canada and the US with the most memorable being in NYC at MSG 3 years ago! We now have 2 tickets for the August 14 show in Buffalo (postponed from August 2020) but we are NOT allowed to cross the US border from Canada per US rules due to the pandemic and that is understandable. We have requested a refund from the ticket agent but they will not refund the money because the show has been "postponed" not "cancelled". What are we to do? Lose our $900 (with exchange). This is truly unfair and disappointing to us, your loyal Canadian fans - I would think and hope that you/or your people would be aware of this very unusual situation and make it right somehow! At least refund our tickets! Awaiting your quick response - please and thank you.
  • SpazWSpazW Posts: 3
    Hi there -- I am also in this position. I have two tickets to the concert in Buffalo and as a Canadian, we are unable to cross the USA border. Please help me get a refund of $300.65US for my two tickets.
  • SpazWSpazW Posts: 3
    Please help us Mr. Joel.
  • phntumphntum Posts: 7
    Hi all. I am being interviewed by WKBW channel 7 news in Buffalo today regarding our issue. Please tune to the 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm news today. I will confirm.
  • call the stadium! they were super helpful!!
  • jnamurrayjnamurray Posts: 5
    The stadium staff are lovely but can only assist with Ticketmaster or their own box office purchases. We bought 2 tickets thru VividSeats valued $450 CAD and we're losing the $. No acknowledgement from Billy's team so it looks like MANY empty seats tomorrow night in Buffalo and maybe less Canadian fans. I've always wanted to see him and this was a Christmas gift 2 years ago but now I don't know if I'd go in future. Sad that one reseller will refund but not others. Sour taste for sure!
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