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LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
Hey! I am a huge fan and coming to see Billy Joel in concert has been on my bucket list for years! In November 2019, for my 60th birthday, my husband purchased tickets for the concert in Orchard Park New York - originally scheduled for August 15, 2020. We were going to make a weekend of it with two other couples. This concert was postponed to this August 14th, 2021. We are CANADIAN and still cannot cross the border. Even though WE think seeing Billy Joel is "essential", apparently the government does not. We cannot get a refund for these tickets from the seller. We have tried everything - including trying to resell them ourselves. Any ideas??? We are so frustrated with this -but the extenuating circumstances of the global pandemic have our have made this impossible. We are mostly just so disappointed to not be able to experience this life long wish in seeing Billy Joel Live. Can you help at all?


  • I agree with previous comment. The show has been cancelled for Canadians. A full refund should be given now so that these tickets can be resold by the venue. It wont look good if the stadium is empty because we cant get there. Buffalo cant support the concert without Canadians in attendance. I have been waiting to see Billy Joel in concert for many years and this is a huge disappointment. Refund or cancel the show!!!!!
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    Same here. Can Billy send us a plane so we can come? So stupid that we can fly across the border but not drive. There is no flight from Toronto to Buffalo. My niece and I go to every one of your concerts that we can. When SARS cancelled the show in Toronto many years ago, we drove to Detroit. I have been to many of your concerts in Florida by myself when I am vacationing down there.
    Especially now when we have been in lockdown for so long, this concert meant so much to us. Please see what can be done. This would have been the only highlight of this horrible year.
  • phntumphntum Posts: 7
    What - NO REFUNDS????
  • phntumphntum Posts: 7
    YEP NO REFUNDS! So I am out almost $500 U.S. so unfair
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    We purchased 6 amazing seats - at almost $550US EACH!!!! And no refunds from anywhere! We are so incredibly frustrated! The venue will be half empty for sure - because no Canadians will be attending :(
  • andreamoandreamo Posts: 1
    My husband, two sons and I are also devastated that we can't cross the border into Buffalo to attend the Billy Joel concert in Buffalo. My boys have played many a Billy Joel song on our piano for years and this was going to be our chance to see him live. We have had no luck getting a refund. So frustrating that you can't even speak to someone to find out about options to get a refund or even a credit!. Keep us posted if anyone finds a way to get a refund or credit.
  • deb54deb54 Posts: 1
    We have 4 tickets to see Billy Joel! As a Canadian, we cannot attend the concert! So frustrating! We have been waiting years to see him live and now can’t cross the border! What can you do for us canadian fans? Please!!
  • TazmaniaTazmania Posts: 1
    This is so frustrating! We are ALL huge Billy Joel Fans. This concert and 2 nights in Buffalo was a birthday gift to my wife who has never seen Billy in concert and is a massive fan. Now, the concert WILL be happening but because of the pandemic, Canada can't cross the border by car, only by plane... cmon! Something has to be done. The stadium will be half empty! Push the date and let everyone who wants to see Billy be able to attend!
  • CanFanCanFan Posts: 1
    We are awaiting a response from the company we purchased our tickets from. If we do not hear back from them by the start of next week regarding a refund or credit, I plan on contacting Pat Foran of CTV Consumer Alert. While we understand that the policy may not normally allow for refunds, surely these are extenuating circumstances, as it is not that we do not want to attend, but that we truly cannot attend due to the border closure.
  • LinCanLinCan Posts: 1
    I need to also comment, being Canadian and finding out that we are not able to attend the concert, and now I am finding out no refunds. I will like to see the show rescheduled if possible. at least all Canadians should receive a refund, Like others on this post, we had 2 nights in Buffalo also booked,
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    We are your Canadian fans who were very much looking forward to your concert in Buffalo NY - however were disappointed to learn that we cannot yet cross the border. We ask that you please postpone the concert, or refund our tickets. It's not right that we are left holding tickets that we cannot use, something must be done to help your loyal Canadian fans! Please have someone contact me with options, thank you.
  • LisarielleLisarielle Posts: 3
    I am finding this very frustrating! Who do we talk to? We were so excited, my boyfriend and my cousins were going to make a weekend out of it. The time is nearing and there is absolutely no communication on who is going to help all these Canadians who can't attend the show! Someone has to help us either get our money back or reschedule the concert in order for all of us to go!
  • impcaseimpcase Posts: 1
    This is ridiculous. Ticketmaster won't refund the tickets, and now you can't even sell them, as the stadium is only half sold anyways. He rescheduled some of the other stops on this tour to 2022, why can't he do Buffalo?
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    I 100% agree with all of our similar comments. Tickets for this concert event need to be REFUNDED or a rescheduled date in CANADA...with our tickets being honoured! All of us being huge lifelong Billy Joel fans deserve this --- honour our loyalty to YOU as your fans!
  • Same here. Got tickets as a 25th wedding gift in 2019, held on to them for the new date even though could have had a refund in 2020 and now stuck due to our loyalty to the singer along with Joe Biden's decision not to open the land borders even though Canada is opening our borders to fully vaccinated Americans on August 9th. I understand not allowing refunds or resale tickets if it was something we could do anything about but I see this no different than not being able to go due to a natural disaster and being told "tough luck, maybe you should have foreseen the hurricane coming 2 years ago."
  • gord0912gord0912 Posts: 2
    Buffalo is a border town and a lot of the patrons to shows come from Canada. The US government has shut down its border to Canadians making it virtually impossible to cross however the show in Buffalo is still going on. It looks like the Promoters, ticket sellers, Venue and Artist have all abandoned the Canadian fans. I have tried to contact them but they dont respond.
    I am trying to resell my tickets however with so many Canadian trying to do the same the market for resell is flooded and there is only a slim chance someone will buy them.
  • JulieuJulieu Posts: 1
    We are also in the same boat. This is our second attempt at seeing Billy Joel; the first being back in the 80’s however the concert was cancelled due to him being ill. We were so excited to be able to see him so close to home when he scheduled Buffalo. As Billy Joel fans we feel that this concert should be postponed until the border opens so that Canadian fans can enjoy the concert. If this isn’t done what are our options?
  • MartinKMartinK Posts: 2
    Same here...I am from Vienna, Austria and not able to attend due to the travel ban. Please Billy Joel team, give us a reason to continue buying BJ-tickets and refund our tickets.
  • michookiesmichookies Posts: 2
    As others are, SO sad not to be able to attend. Huge Billy Joel fan and we had given tickets as a family Xmas gift back in 2021. When offered a refund in 2020 we were hopeful thinking if they can host a concert surely the border will be open. That was an expensive lesson. Out $1200USD. Surely the Billy Joel Fan club could have something to say about it, but I’ve seen nothing. Will watch here in case anyone in a similar position finds a way to get a refund!
  • We too are out over $800 USD I have got no where with Ticketmaster. CTV news did a story on this but no tips on what to do. If a group thing is going to be done, I am on board to help! This is so frustrating!
  • I'm in the same boat!!! 5 Canadians who can not cross the border including our 16 year old son who has been asking for Billy Joel tickets since he was 10. We are about to be out over $450US. Please Mr Joel...find a way to refund us Canadians or postpone the concert to 2022 like you have done for other locations. Our son is crushed and feels responsible that we are about to lose a ton of money.
  • call the stadium, they were very helpful!!
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    what number did you call at the stadium and who do you speak to? I called and they said there was nothing they could do for me. Maybe I was speaking to the wrong department?
  • jnamurrayjnamurray Posts: 5
    Again Highmark stadium can only refund direct sales or from Ticketmaster. They got the OK only on Aug 4th. Vivid Seat sales like mine are out of luck!
  • wildorwildor Posts: 1
    We filled out the form from Highmark stadium get our money back and still have not received anything. Has anyone else heard anything? We are out over $1000.00. Billy Joel should have done something. Greedy!!
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    I am also a big fan of Billy and I also really want to see him live, but no one can influence the pandemic :(
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