A Bond Beyond Music

I'm not sure that Mr. Joel will ever see this, but to those who are interested, I'd like to tell you my "Why I'm A Billy Joel Fan" story. My dad was a huge fan, and when I was born a boy, my mom was kind of upset, so she told my dad to name me. So, naturally, he chose Billy-Joel, hyphenated with no middle name. I was introduced to Billy's music at a very young age and it quickly became a bond-builder between my dad and I. My all-time favorite song is "Goodnight Saigon", in part due to my dad having been a Vietnam Vet. This song helped to strengthen our bond. I grew up listening to everything Billy sang. I lost my dad six years ago and subsequently inherited his entire Billy Joel vinyl collection. Less than a year before my dad passed I got to experience a Billy Joel concert with my dad. It was the second for each of us, but our first together. Now I am the father of two boys and have shared his music with them. My oldest son is mildly autistic, and one of his de-escalation techniques is to listen to music. One of his go to songs is Billy's "Vienna". Billy, hopefully this reaches you and serves as a "thank-you" for providing what has been the source of a wonderful bond that now spans three generations. I am looking forward to seeing you next June at Notre Dame Stadium. It will be my third time seeing you, but my first in a stadium, so I am very excited. Thank you!
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