To Billy Joel For Michelle M. who loves Billy Joel and his music

Michelle IS/has been another #1 fan of Billy Joel. Been to all of his concerts. I am attempting to fulfill a wish of hers. The following is taken from her facebook page so I don't get the medical info wrong. Since June of 2016, Michelle has been fighting an extremely rare cancer--leiomyosarcoma (LMS). So rare in fact that it is only diagnosed once in every 4 million cancer diagnoses around the world. She has had 13 surgeries, on her 8th chemo regimen, at least 10 hospitalizations, too many scans to count, and a host of other setbacks and side effects. -She has: -Sat in a big comfy chair or bed many days while skilled oncology nurses filled me with toxic fluids.
-Not taken my dog for a walk.
-Watched a lot of television.
-Taken a lot of pain meds.
-And, yes.....endured a lot of pain, learned to walk again twice, and had a lot of PT
But...the true hero in my story is my CAREGIVER. My husband, who is a NAVY Veteran, I am blessed with a husband who is remarkable in many ways. It is an added bonus that he is a health care provider and can help me navigate, he has given me injections and medications, helping clean infections--even when I was screaming in excruciating pain--changing dressings, cooking (or procuring) the majority of our food, doing all of the errands, and getting to appointments.
When I am in the hospital, he helps the nurses. Changes linens, gets me to and from the restroom, makes sure I walk, and makes sure I eat and drink. He has even customized nightgowns for me that can be worn instead of uncomfortable hospital gowns.

Michelle is also co-founder of The Honor Bell Foundation the 1st bell of it's kind to be forged and tolled at Ft Logan Cemetery, Denver Colorado, supporter of The Patriot Guard Riders and numerous military veteran causes.

I did not give her last name to protect her UNTIL YOU CONTACT ME.....I have nothing else to offer her to help her. My email is [email protected]
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