Bethie's Wedding in Sept 2021

Hi Mr. Joel, never done this before. I'm 64 YO and own a marina in the Adirondacks for many years. My daughter Beth is marrying the latter part of Sept. and is very much a fan of yours. She saw you play twice in MSG. My wife is a retired music teacher and taught in Cold Spring Harbour and Lloyd Neck for three years in the early eighties. Mary Thompson, a long time friend of my wife, was friends with your mom I'm told.

Beth is marrying in Eagle Bay NY. If you want to escape the heat and see early fall colors, you are invited. If you want to show up at the wedding and share a song, your welcomed . My wife, Lorrie, is an accomplished pianist and she has the voice of an angel as does Beth. I'm not a rich man but will can cover expenses as I have saved a long time for this. Long shot I know, but your consideration is appreciated. Peter Fay Sr.
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