I am a Canadian

Due to Covid the borders between USA and Canada are closed. I have 3 tickets to see Billy on July 10 in Comerica park. There is no way I can get to this concert and Vivid Seats will not refund my money. Is there anything you can due to help me? I have over $1000
invested in this concert.


  • I have the same problem in August 2021 in Buffalo. How do we get our money back if we can’t cross the border?
  • desbiejfdesbiejf Posts: 1
    Hi, my family and I booked a what looked to be a magical moment, seeing Billy Joel live at Fenway Park. Postponed in 2020, rescheduled for august 4th 2021, we unfortunately won't be able to attend the show, borders closed due to the pandemic or quarantine for 14 days upon our return to Quebec Canada if they do open in time. Too bad, it was a longtime dream for me and my daughters. The site that sold us the tickets won't give us our money back or sell our tickets to someone else to compensate us. So I would like to cut our losses by selling them myself. 4 tickets, grandstand 32, row 11. Anyone interested, contact me by email: Jeff Desbiens at [email protected] Thanks
  • BgvernBgvern Posts: 1
    I have tickets to Buffalo also
    Ontario is so locked down I can’t see them opening the borders i time gor the concert
    I can’t even get my haircut
    Have haf both shots.
  • Does he even read any of these comments or are we wasting our time?
    Losing alot of money can we get some help with this please???? Can't even leave a message on his Facebook page
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    I am also in the same position. We have 6 tickets for the Orchard Park, New York show! We paid so much money for these tickets! We are sooo frustrated and disappointed!
  • We’re are Canadian and have greats seats my husband bought for my birthday almost 2 years ago. We never thought the border would still be closed to us in Aug 2021 We aren’t sure what to do with our tickets. I expect there will be a lot empty seats at Highmark Stadium. Such a shame
  • LisarielleLisarielle Posts: 3
    Yes, my question above...does he or his people read our posts? Something has to be done!!
  • gord0912gord0912 Posts: 2
    Buffalo is a border town and a lot of the patrons to shows come from Canada. The US government has shut down its border to Canadians making it virtually impossible to cross however the show in Buffalo is still going on. It looks like the Promoters, ticket sellers, Venue and Artist have all abandoned the Canadian fans. I have tried to contact them but they dont respond.
    I am trying to resell my tickets however with so many Canadian trying to do the same the market for resell is flooded and there is only a slim chance someone will buy them.
  • LaurReimLaurReim Posts: 10
    Sadstephanie -- please share with us what number you called and also what department you connected with. I tried the stadium and they were not able to do anything for me.
  • jnamurrayjnamurray Posts: 5
    sadstephanie and LaurReim - the Buffalo Bills stadium refunds were actually only for Ticketmaster cutomers, not VividSeats. Vivid refuses to refund - we're in for almost $500 CAD and have exhausted all our efforts to resell or refund.
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