To our mum

Dear Mr Joel
Our mum, Margit, is turning 50 on 13 May. Our parents were always a big fan of your music and my brother and I grew up to our father singing and playing your songs. Even on our parents wedding, they played „Honesty“ in the curch, because it was very important for them. Since our father passed in late 2019, your music became even more inportant to her. Your songs remind her of him.

So we would like to suprise her with something special! Could you maybe film a short Video, where you tell her „happy Birthday“? We would like to watch a concert of you and play this clip of you congratulating her.

I think that will make her very happy in this time.

Thank you in advance for reading this and we are looking forward to your reply!

Best regards from Germany
Jonas & Ruben Waldhueter
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