Charlotte show

Is this show going on as I have tickets from last year


  • marialvamarialva Posts: 3
    The date is still posted. I check frequently and would love to know as well. In addition to having tickets, I have to travel from another state.
  • marialvamarialva Posts: 3
    Am I the only one concerned about this concert date? We are not even done vaccinating the elderly. The pandemic is not over. Are refunds being offered for this date?
  • gidge23gidge23 Posts: 1
    This concert absolutely needs to be cancelled. If they are reckless enough to still hold it, they need to offer full refunds to anyone who is not comfortable attending.
  • clsnyder1clsnyder1 Posts: 1
    There is no way this concert is happening, nor are many people comfortable with going if it were to happen. After holding on to our money for two years it would be awesome if they would just cancel. Shame on him for keeping our money this long. We have a group that got field seats that were not cheap!
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