Thank You Message (that I Hope gets to Billy Joel)

I first heard your music decades ago when I was a kid hanging out with a teenager across the street. He was a good guy and I looked up to him. He hung out in his basement playing your vinyl, reading Mad magazine and shooting pool. Anyway, he mainly loved your music and, I was young and didn't fully get it until he was gone, but he was dying of leukemia. So, this may sound strange, but thank you for giving him one of the few things he enjoyed. His name was Danny Reitz. His father was an honest-to-God WWII airborn hero who, after fighting many battles and losing many friends, freed people from the concentration camps. It's been a long time but I think the last album Danny played for me was Glass Houses. I am not sure what his favorite song off that album was, but mine is "Close to the Borderline". He played Captain Jack a lot. So, thanks for your music and the impact it has on peoples lives.
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