Billy's Q and A Sessions

Like many of you, I have pretty much watched all of Bills' Q & A sessions that are available on YouTube. I know he's older now and the covid thing is still going on, I wish he would do these again. Nobody interacts with their fans better than Bill. One question I've always wanted to ask him would be this:

When "Scenes from an Italian restaurant" was completed and ready to be put on "The Stranger", being that it is 7 minutes long, did you ever think that it would become the monster hit that it did without radio play (too long for radio)?

Just my two cents and a love for the greatest modern day writer/composer we've had the pleasure to witness these past 5 decades.



  • andormanandorman Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any idea, or could someone from the BJ Team tell me what is the name of the cinematic / orchestral piece that Billy is using (has been using) as pre concert music??? I'm busting to know.....its fantastic....
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