60th Birthday Message Request

Hi Billy,
I hope you and your family are well. I need to make a request to make my sister in law's 60th birthday really special. Would it be possible for you to send a personal message to her? She and her husband are huge fans and over the years they have booked 3 times to see you live and on each occasion she has not been able to attend at the last minute. The first time was just after qualifying as a doctor and a last minute shift change prevented her from attending. A few years ago, her elderly mother who suffers Alzheimer's was having a particularly bad time at the time of the next booked concert. Unfortunately, her father was struggling to cope so she had to miss that concert and then last year her husband had booked 4 tickets (for my wife and I too) at Wembley for his 60th but the day before her mother had a serious fall and broke her hip for which she required an emergency operation on the day of the concert, so none of us ended up making it as my sister in law had to drive the 270 miles to support her dad while this was all going on. Sadly, her mum never returned home after that and has been in a nursing home ever since, which is a bad enough situation without CV19 which has prevented visiting for months. Despite all this Andrea, my sister in law, has been amazing and I know she would be absolutely thrilled to receive some sort of message from you for your birthday on 20th December. I do hope you can help!
Very best wishes Stuart and Sally Green
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